How We Attract the Narcissist Vibrationally

Let Me Reach with Kim Saeed

Higher Vibration ~ Journey of 1000 Days

A common theme regarding Narcissists is how they all behave the same.  They use the same brainwashing techniques, they say the same hurtful things, and they participate in the same sadistic behaviors.  It’s as though “Narcissism 101” is offered in universities all over the world.

What we often overlook is that their victims participate in their own behaviors, too.

We fall for the love-bombing, we make excuses for him, we allow him to leave the relationship and come back whenever he pleases.  Many come to realize that their Narcissist has another lover, and somehow accept it.  When the relationship ends, victims all suffer the same torment, obsessive thoughts, depression, and worse…some go on to take their own lives.

Before I go further, victims do not by any means deserve what they get from the Narcissist.  The information in this article is for demonstrative purposes only.  I…

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